Project Ecology Online

Here at Project Ecology Online (PEO) we have taken the experience of 25 years of successful project management and condensed them into a book and collection of customizable tools and templates that offers individuals and companies the means and know-how to enhance their project management practice in order to translate business strategy into results.

Project success comprises more than finishing work on time and within budget. Project outcomes also need to provide value, use and learning in the form of increased efficiency or effectiveness.

These additional success criteria can be met if project and program managers and the organizations for which they work supplement their project management methodology with the disciplines of People Change Management and Facilitation.

PEO provides a turnkey project management methodology (Project Life Cycle – PLC), a complete change management methodology (Organizational Change Management – OMC) and a versatile Facilitation toolkit. These materials and tools allow project managers to enhance their skills in order to deliver projects that maximize value, use and growth for the organization.

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