Bi-partisan Team Decisions

No matter what your political persuasion, I believe everyone right now is frustrated about the government shutdown. For some the fall-out is tangible and frightening, such as the government workers who worry about paying their rent or mortgage and putting food on the table for their families. For others it is merely annoying, such as airline travelers held up in long lines before understaffed TSA checkpoints. In any case, this is a clear demonstration what happens when people are digging their heels in and refuse to compromise and move forward: in the end everyone suffers.

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How to tell your “R”s from your “A”s, “C”s, and “I”s?

During a project planning session last week we were reviewing a vendor’s project plan with the team and looking at activities that would impact our own timeline and team-plan, and as usually happens during these discussion, a lot of questions and concerns came up that we needed to record in order to keep track of them and in some cases find answers and resolve them.

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